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4 Tips for Spring Yard Prep in Central Texas

Did you know that your lawn and landscape can add up to 18% to the value of your home?

INVESTORS & SELLERS: Use these simple tips to create more value with a beautiful lawn!
HOMEOWNERS: These tips will prep your grass for spring and summer fun!

1. Mow & Bag

For strong, healthy grass mow your lawn one-time on a lower setting. This will “scalp” your grass and – if you bag your clippings during scalping – allow your grass to better absorb nutrients, sunshine, and fresh spring air!

2. Aerate & Topdress

Aerate your lawn before the Texas heat bears down! This may allow more air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Some people prefer to skip aeration and just use a high-quality topdressing. This causes the roots to enlarge and aerate your soil on its own.

Quality topdressing may contain 80% organic materials/compost and 20% sand.

It is recommended to use the following amounts per 1000 square feet of grass:

-Half a yard for healthy grass not prone to issues.
-¾ a yard for grass that needs extra help.
-1 yard for grass (especially new construction homes) with Sandy Loom soil.

3. Pre-emergent & Fertilizer

If you have Bermuda or Buffalo grass, use a pre-emergent to build up resistance to new weed growth. Do NOT use a pre-emergent on St. Augustine or Zoysia grass. As grass regains its green color, use fertilizer on all grass types to ensure successful growth in the Texas heat!

4. Water

As things heat up in Texas, your grass begs for more water!

-Do you have a sprinkler system? Make sure it is ready for the season by running through each zone and making sure all head are functional.
-How much water is enough? During Spring, water your lawn about 1 inch per week. You can use a small container, such as an empty tuna can, to measure.
-Water before the sun comes up so less water is lost to evaporation.
-Of course, always follow water restrictions if imposed.

Sources: emeraldlawns.com, thegrassoutlet.com, plantscapesolutions.net
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