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Clever Kitchen DIY Projects

Is your kitchen cooking up trouble for your home design? If so, we have some ideas on how you can spruce up the room that’s the hub of your family without breaking the bank. You may have to dip into your ice cream fund, but trust us, it’ll be worth it!

Pretty up Your Kitchen with a Pattern

Go as bold or as simple as you’d like to here. Whether you bring in a little floral wallpaper for an accent wall or a rug with a vintage feel. Take it a step further and use vintage plates with varying patterns as wall decor. Choose colors and patterns that grab your eye and will elevate your design.

kitchen DIY projects

Delve into your Shelves

Ripping out cabinets, painting them, or getting completely new ones is a daunting and costly project. Add dimension and storage to your kitchen by adding floating shelves. It’s a great way to display your wedding china or the wine bottle collection you have. This great trend is sure to bring your kitchen from dated to animated!

If installing floating shelves isn’t feasible, consider removing the door to one of your cabinets. It isn’t quite floating shelves, but it does display your dishware and may spur some other great ideas, like adding an accent to the back of your cabinet to complement your teacups.

kitchen DIY projects

Put the Apply in Appliances

There’s vinyl that can be added to the front of your appliances to give them a new color and immediately refresh them without spending thousands of dollars on a new machine. It’s a recipe for satisfaction!

Sittin’ Pretty

Update the stools and kitchen seating you have in your home. Whether you bring in pops of color or seats that have the feel you’re trying to carry throughout your home, it’ll be a welcome change to your kitchen.

kitchen DIY projects


Hang new lights

Just like a dangly pair of earrings, the right lighting can tie everything together. Plus, it’s important to have great lighting to highlight the delicious food you’re making, right?

We hope you’re able to take a few, or all, of these ideas and turn them into the kitchen of your dreams. If you’ve just outgrown your kitchen and your home, contact Prism Realty. We’re happy to help you buy or sell your home.

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