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South First Street and the Coming Changes

South First Street and the Coming Changes

South First Street has always had a more relaxed atmosphere, yet a funky feel that fits with the rest of Austin. As the city grows and changes, this patch of the city is also seeing some new projects and designs spring up. The area was once full of boutiques, food trucks, and duplexes, but is quickly being changed to house high-class restaurants, mixed-use development spaces, and large homes.

900 South First Street
A few pieces of land from the Texas School for the Deaf will soon be getting a large transformation. The mixed-use development will be four stories and house 63 condos, 22,000 square feet of retail, office, commercial, and restaurant space. That’s not all though. The homes are such an integral part of this funky neighborhood, so there will be 23 detached single-family homes also included in the 4.5-acre development project.

RiverSouth – 401 South First Street
This 1.4-acre plot of land is in an ideal location on the corner of South First and West Riverside Drive. Coming 2021, this area will be a 350,611-square-foot, 15-story office tower with views of the Park Shores. 18,000 square feet on the bottom floor will house restaurants and retail storefronts. The building will have other amenities, including a full-service rooftop bar, on-site fitness center, and seventh-floor green roof to recapture rainwater.

1207 South First Street
Food truck parks may be on their way out of the South First neighborhood, so grab that $4 taco quesadilla and late-night kebab while you can! The hot spot catty-corner to El Mercado will soon be a five-story, 5,000-square-foot mixed-used project with retail and residential space. Say goodbye to your favorite easily accessible Thai food place and hello to more businesses and residences to the neighborhood.

We’re interested to see how these changes will affect the quirky neighborhood that many have come to love and call home! We know that these new developments are going to bring a lot to the city, and if you’re ever curious about how neighborhoods are changing and growing, contact Prism Realty! We have a lot of insight into the Greater Austin and Cedar Park neighborhoods that we’re more than happy to share with you.

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