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How to Find the Right Landscaper

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Well-maintained communities attract buyers and tenants. In Central Texas, the low-maintenance lifestyle that Austin HOA Boards and Community Managers can offer is attractive to many. If you’re considering adding lawn services to the list of amenities you offer, you’ll want to take these steps to find the right landscaper.

Look for Certified Professionals

There are tons of landscapers and vendors in Austin that come with different skills and areas of expertise. One way to help you narrow down the list of potential service providers to partner with is to look for and verify any certifications and licenses.

Get References

Just as you would ask for references when hiring a new staff member, you’ll want a list of references for your vendors. References should include communities that are similar to yours or with jobs that include a list of services similar to what you will be asking the vendor to take care of. Don’t be afraid to call those references and ask about their experiences working with the landscaper.


Great communication is important is always important, and you’ll want to look for a responsive crew. Does the service provider answer your phone calls, return phone calls promptly, and are they willing to work with your schedule?

Check if They Can Handle the Scope of Work

It’s likely that the needs of your community will change. Maybe you only currently need a team to handle cutting the grass and picking up the trimmings, but what about when the tree branches need to be trimmed? What if you begin to have a problem with weeds and need fresh mulch around shrubs? Can the team that the landscaper has handle all of the services that you may need? Be sure to communicate your exact expectations and have an open conversation about whether the vendor will be able to meet those needs.

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