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How HOA Boards Should Handle Planning for Disasters

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Many residents of the Austin area are looking to live in secure communities, and a secure community means one that is prepared for any sort of disaster that could come their way. While planning for disasters is rarely easy, it’s crucial to make sure that your community is safe. If your HOA is looking to create or update their disaster plan, here are some items to consider:

  1. What are the geographic dangers of the area? – Your location in the community can come with potential threats that are more likely than others. For example, some Austin communities can have issues with flooding when heavy rains start, so they’ll want to have a flooding disaster plan outlined.
  2. What are the demographics of your community members? – If you have a community with a lot of young children or elderly residents, it could play a part in your evacuation measures.
  3. Are you prepared for national disasters? – Many HOAs haven’t thought of the possibility of widespread disease and didn’t have measures in place to help community members in the midst of a pandemic. Be proactive and create plans for all disasters, no matter how unlikely you think they may be.
  4. Do you have a clear relief plan? – Clearly outline the disasters that are possible within your community and how you plan to handle each situation. It should include a list of what will happen before, during, and after each disaster, with resources people can reach out to for help.
  5. Does your community understand the plan? – A plan is only useful if it can be effectively put into place when the time comes. That means that your residents have to understand how the plan works, know who they can call for help, and be ready to take action. Educating and communicating with your residents about the disaster plan is key, and be sure to give them avenues to ask questions and raise concerns.
  6. Is your disaster plan easily accessible? – You want your residents to be able to find the rules and protocols of the disaster plan any time they need it. Consider adding it to the HOA website, adding it as a downloadable file on every newsletter, and emailing a copy to residents after each HOA meeting.

Many disasters happen unexpectedly, but being prepared and having plans in place for those instances can make the recovery and rebuilding process so much smoother. Having an HOA disaster management plan in place is a must to keep your community safe and secure.

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