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Showing Value in Your HOA in Uncertain Times

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There’s no doubt that the current circumstances have opened our eyes and given everyone and every industry new things to consider as we move forward. From switching up how restaurants deliver food to how HOAs conduct business, there’s been change after change to get used to. In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to show residents the value in your HOA.

Be available for questions, comments, and concerns.

Many HOAs would have in-person meetings where residents could talk face to face with members of their community, but in the past few months, many of those meetings were canceled or rescheduled. To make sure that your residents are still receiving answers and feel like they’ve been heard, consider:

  • Putting together office hours that residents can reach you by phone.
  • Have an HOA website where residents can submit their thoughts, ideas, and questions directly to you. Then the HOA can follow-up with a phone call, email, etc.
  • Have a virtual meeting or social of some kind. If you can’t meet in-person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t meet at all. Utilize one of the many video conferencing tools out there, and alert residents of how they can join in on the meeting.

Be transparent.

Your residents are going to want to be informed about every decision during this time. It’s understandable that there may have been changes like community pools, parks, and athletic facilities closed. There may have also been changes to lawn care, maintenance, etc. If that’s the case, let residents know about those changes, how you will be moving forward, when to expect updates, and what will happen to any leftover HOA funds from any services that weren’t completed during the time that businesses were closed. Use your newsletter, website, email, social media, or bulletin board to inform and educate.

Keep your community engaged.

You want to continue to make sure that your community feels like they’re in touch with their neighbors and the neighborhood. You can do this by:

  • Creating a digital activity calendar that includes virtual classes, remote meetings, and activities for children such as book readings, arts and crafts, and virtual field trips.
  • Make a social distancing event, like a sidewalk chalk gallery night. Encourage families to create something on their driveways using sidewalk chalk, and allow people to submit their art on social media for the community to vote on.
  • Ask your community members to place stuffed animals in windows and on porches, so community members can take their families on a walk through a “zoofari” as they try to spot all of the animals.

If you need help connecting with your residents, showing the value in your HOA, or help managing your property, contact Prism Realty Management. Learn about who we are, the services we offer, and our process, then give us a call at 512-676-5842.