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Highlighting How Your HOA Helps Increase Property Values

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One of the many benefits of being a part of an HOA are the guidelines put in place to help increase the property values of homes in the community. All homeowners are looking to increase their property value in order to have a financial gain when it comes time to sell their home. How can HOAs help with that increase? Let’s take a look, so you can use it as an important marketing tool for your neighborhood!

Helping Residents with Home and Neighborhood Upkeep Increases Property Values

The bylaws and regulations your HOA has in place ensure the upkeep and uniformity of your home. Things like your lawn care, fence maintenance, and exterior paint are often apart of your HOA’s bylaws, and when the rules are enforced, your neighborhood continues to have great curb appeal — a huge factor in your property’s value.

Great Use of Vendors

Your HOA understands that the neighborhood is only as good as the work that’s done to maintain it, which means that the board does its best to hire quality vendors. Keeping the community looking great means more than just taking care of the homes in the area, which is where having trusted partnerships is crucial to the success of your HOA.

Having a Plan to Increase Property Values

HOA boards research the longevity of materials and items used in the community to plan out the best things to use for the neighborhood as well as what will maintain or increase the value of the area over the years.

Avoiding Problems with Neighbors

One thing that many people worry about is how to deal with neighbors that have overgrown trees or aren’t mowing their yard or generally keeping up with home maintenance. It can cause strife between neighbors, but having an HOA means that there are requirements that each homeowner has to take care of, and if a homeowner falls behind, it is up to the HOA to enforce the rules. The HOA board can provide motivation for neighbors to take care of their property.

HOAs know that all properties are connected to the overall value of the homes in the area. Those who live within an HOA benefit from naturally increased property values over the years, and it can be an important marketing tool for your association. If you’re wondering how to market your HOA or how Prism Realty Management can help you increase the property values of homes in your community, give us a call at 512-676-5842. We’d be happy to talk to you about who we are, the services we offer, and our process.