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New HOA Board Member Training Tips

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Each HOA board member brings their own unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the role. As volunteers, it’s likely that new HOA board members will lack knowledge and training on how to handle the procedures and policies involved in running a homeowners association. If you have any recently elected board members, we have some new HOA board member training tips to help them get acclimated to their new roles.

1. Learn the lingo

The governing documents are full of legalese that can be hard to decipher. Have new HOA board members spend some time getting familiar with the industry terms and putting the document in their own words. It will significantly help them understand what is expected of residents and be able to better answer questions and speak to homeowners about the documents during meetings.

2. Outline the roles and responsibilities

Having a clear picture of what is expected of each role will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Each board member contributes to the success of the community and plays a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly.

3. Prioritize procedures

Procedures can be dense and strict, but they ensure that HOAs are meeting all laws and guidelines. No new changes can be enacted without understanding what is and is not a procedural violation. Familiarizing yourself with the guidelines, approvals, agendas, board meeting frequency, and budgetary decisions is a great place for new board members to start their training.

4. Meet with other members of the board

New HOA board members are often looking for a way to connect or improve their community. Have each board member reach out to the new board member to welcome them and invite them to ask questions about your experience, what they can expect, and any tips that you’ve gathered since you’ve been a part of the board. Being open and welcoming is a great way to keep them feeling positive about their decision to join, and building bonds increases the likelihood that they’ll stay on the board longer.

Serving on the HOA board is an important job and has a huge impact on the community. With the right HOA board member training, you can ensure that it’s not only a good fit for the association, but a long-lasting one as well. If your HOA board could use some help taking care of their duties and staying on top of the association, contact Prism Realty Management. Give us a call at 512-676-5842 — we’d be happy to talk to you about who we are, the services we offer, and our process.