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Homeowner Habits to Start Now for a Clean Home

If you read our last blog and found a roommate, now it’s time to make some healthy homeowner habits! Most people and their families are continuing to work from home so it’s important to have a clean and organized home. These 9 habits will help keep your home clean and orderly.

Homeowner Habits

#1: Make your bed

Not only does making your bed look nice, but it also gives you an extra boost of motivation because one task is already done!

#2: Keep the kitchen sink empty

How frustrating is it when the sink is stacked with dishes and you have to clean dishes to put dirty ones back in their place? The answer is very. Avoid this by washing your dishes after they’re used or placing them directly in the dishwasher. 

#3: Clean a room a day

A big task seems more feasible when it’s broken down into smaller pieces. 

#4: Hang a squeegee

When the squeegee is there, it’s easy to make it a habit of wiping the shower down. 

#5: Assign cubbies to each family member

Avoid the mess by containing it in one box for each member. 

#6: Unload the dishwasher when clean

Circling back to #2, avoid the same conundrum by tackling the task as it arises.

#7: If you use it, wipe it

This is especially true since we are living in a pandemic. High-touch surfaces like door handle and knobs should be wiped down often.

#8: Shred it

Don’t let the mail and papers stack up. This only creates a problem for you later on.

#9: Create a doorway box

A box next to the doorway will help remind you to bring donations and recycling with you when you leave.  

These simple habits are all about being proactive and containing the mess. When you incorporate these habits into your life, your home will be cleaner and more organized!

If you’re in the market for your own home to start these homeowner habits, contact us! Or, if you are ready to rent out your place, contact Prism Realty today! We’re here to offer our expertise and help you achieve your real estate goals.