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An HOA newsletter is a great way to keep community members involved. It will also boost the morale of board members and keep everyone informed.  Writing and distributing a newsletter can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to write about or where to start.  Here are some tips for your HOA newsletter.

HOA Newsletter Guidelines

  • Easy to Scan: The contents of your HOA newsletter should be concise. It should have short, manageable paragraphs that are easy to read.

  • Attractive: People are visual creatures. The design should be appealing yet professional.

  • Graphics: Images break up the text and support your points.  A good newsletter has a healthy mix of text and images that complement the content.

HOA Newsletter Content


Adding a date to each issue makes it easy to determine the most current newsletter. It will also eliminate the possibility of homeowners mistakenly reading old news.

Content Overview

Include a brief overview of what will be covered in the HOA newsletter. Let the readers know what to expect. A summary will capture their interest and encourage homeowners to continue reading.

Message from the Board

Homeowners value transparency, and newsletters are a great way to communicate information.  A simple and friendly message from the president to start the newsletter will help create a warm and neighborly atmosphere. Important announcements, decisions from recent board meetings, and any issues brought to the board’s attention should also be shared at the beginning of the newsletter. 

Local News 

Include events in the city and surrounding areas that may impact the residents of your HOA. Residents will appreciate your newsletter updating them on local happenings if they missed it on the news.

Upcoming Events

Always include a calendar in the HOA newsletter with a list of upcoming events.  Include the dates of board meetings so the homeowners can stay involved.  Also, have updates regarding dates of construction, maintenance, or upcoming projects that will affect the community.

Member News

Invite homeowners to submit content like an upcoming wedding, graduation, retirement, and any other milestone to the newsletter committee.  Encouraging members to get involved in the writing process is a great way to improve readership.

One of the most overlooked HOA newsletter ideas is to include thanks and praises for community members.  Acknowledge residents, board members, or committee members who have gone above and beyond to make the association a better place. It will spread goodwill and make volunteers feel valued. 

Rules & Regs Reminders

Remind homeowners of specific rules set forth by the governing documents, especially if a particular one is often broken. Always notify homeowners if there are new rules or changes to existing ones. A reminder in the form of an HOA newsletter is a gentle way of encouraging homeowners to adhere to the community’s rules.

Maintenance Tips

Include a section with quick home maintenance tips. For example: prepping for severe weather, easy DIY projects, or any other topics of value to your community.  Energy conservation is a hot issue, and your HOA newsletter is a perfect platform to share energy-saving tips. If your newsletter offers value, folks will be more likely to read it and anticipate the next issue.

Your HOA newsletter should be encouraging, constructive, and relevant to your community.  Take some time this month to focus on your HOA newsletter. See where you can make improvements by using the tips above to expand the content. 

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