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Tips To Add Value To Your Home This Summer

Tips To Add Value To Your Home This Summer - Prism Realty

Rather than wait for the market to shift dramatically, homeowners are taking this time to considerably increase the value of their homes by making minor, cost-effective improvements. Whether you are looking to increase the return on investment for your prime real estate or hoping to add value to your first-ever home, here are some manageable projects that you can tackle without breaking the bank this summer.

A Professional Eye

First and foremost, an artistic eye will elevate your home’s quality and financial value. Interior design is a crucial part of staging and selling your home. Identifying the problem areas and aspects of your home that need improvement will save you money in the long run. Working with a professional realtor or interior designer can help you understand your home and what aspects to enhance. Alternatively, homeowners might prefer to handle this internally. Fortunately, it has never been easier to research designs, trends, and home improvement projects.

Cosmetic Improvements

Some of the most cost-effective home improvements that add value to your home are purely cosmetic. A new coat of paint can go a long way to improving the appearance of your home. Cleanliness is eye-grabbing for visitors: declutter your spaces, organize furniture, and keep the interior and exterior of your home in pristine condition. If you’re concerned about the lack of square footage on your property, consider elements such as natural lights, oversized mirrors, and lifted furniture to make a space feel larger.

Curb Appeal

Many new homeowners underestimate the importance of curb appeal to their home’s value. Landscaping can decide whether a prospective buyer will walk inside or turn around to find something seemingly better. Invest in mature trees that offer plentiful shade and low-maintenance plants native to your region. While it’s difficult to say no to the blooming flowers that will instantly add a burst of color to your lawn, it’s important to note that some flowers won’t make it through Texas’ summer heat waves. Find the shrubs, flowers, and plants that are local to Texas and will work to enhance your curb appeal without driving up your water bill.

Maintenance And Repairs

While renovating your home this summer might sound time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive, there are some small, simple repairs and upgrades you can make to instantly improve your home. As many homeowners know, updated kitchens and bathrooms are the key to any prospective buyer’s heart. Instead of throwing money at a complete remodel, consider highlighting a few upgraded elements in those areas. Storage is one of the top design trends for bathrooms in 2022. And kitchen-lovers are looking for natural light, quality cabinetry, and earthy elements. As you upgrade your home to prepare for staging, don’t let the summer heat get to you and your energy bill. With most of Texas already feeling the effects of summer, costs can quickly skyrocket to keep homes cool. Ensure your windows, doors, and any openings to the outside are sealed, and consider window treatments or blinds to keep temperatures low.

Remember, take time to identify what makes your home unique. And work on the more manageable projects that will boost the appearance and value of your home. But don’t just jump into fixing that leaky sink! Understand your goals, your roadblocks, and most importantly, how this is improving your home’s current value. Make a plan and stick to it. As you navigate this process and run into any questions, reach out to us. We’re here to help!