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Patio Lighting Ideas to Brighten Any Outdoor Space

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These days spending an extended amount of time outdoors midday is ill-advised unless you’re engulfed in a cool body of water. When the sun sets, however, it’s prime patio time. Your patio should effortlessly transition into the evening hours. But if the only patio lighting you’ve got to work with is the flicker of fireflies or lighting that attracts bigger flying bugs, you might soon find yourself in the dark. 

Good lighting can create an outdoor space that promotes outdoor living, inspires conversation, and creates a relaxing ambiance just steps from your back door.  Here are a few patio lighting ideas to brighten any outdoor space.

Globe String Lights

Globe string lights are a budget-friendly way to add artificial light and character to your patio. If you plan to hang your lights in a zigzag pattern, you will need a longer strand than you might initially think, so it’s imperative to measure ahead of time.  Use a piece of string to measure the length you’ll need by following the same path you intend to string your lights.  Opt for LED varieties as they attract fewer bugs due to reduced UV emissions

Pendant Lights

A wicker-style basket light hung from a pergola is a charming rustic choice. The most critical factor in selecting a wicker or basket type of pendant light is ensuring it’s rated outdoor-grade. An outdoor grade material will be able to withstand wear and tear and will adequately protect the electrical functionality of the light. Even if it’s not directly exposed to the elements like humidity, heat, and sun exposure, indoor or natural materials will degrade over time.

Illuminate Pathways

The walkways to your patio shouldn’t be an afterthought.  Light the way to your outdoor space to safely create a flow from the indoors out to your patio.  Low-lying or hurricane lanterns will provide just enough glow to illuminate a footpath. Use a solar or battery-powered bulb rather than a real flame during the dry summer months or if you live in a dry climate. 

Torches and Candles

Torches at the patio’s edge can provide a pleasant ambient light.  Candlelight on the table also adds a nice touch. Add citronella oil to either to keep the bugs at bay.  A hurricane lantern with a natural flame is a great option for table lighting on windy nights. 

Layered Lighting

Lighting doesn’t need to just be one style.  Having an array of options can be both practical and stylish. A sconce outside the door and motion-activated spotlights are essential for safety purposes. But if you’re entertaining outdoors, you don’t want guests to feel like they’re being interrogated.  You need to be able to turn the bright safety lights off and turn on the softer lighting. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to patio lighting.  Determine the best lighting for your space and transform your backyard into an enjoyable evening space.  

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