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A Guide To HOA Newsletters and What You Should Include In Them

Incorporating a monthly newsletter into your HOA is a great way to keep residents informed and on the same page of what’s happening in the HOA. Newsletters tend to be one more thing you have to think about each month, but it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, and the rewards of having one will help your community strive.

Let’s dive into a few things you should include in your monthly HOA newsletters.

Note From The Board

Residents most likely aren’t hearing from the Board as often as they might like, so including a section with a note from the president or Board is a nice touch. It gives the Board an opportunity to extend a warm message to residents or share important information with them.

Upcoming Events

Events are a great way to bring a sense of community to your HOA, so promote them whenever you can. People love being in the know, and if you don’t have many upcoming events in your HOA, you can include events that are happening in your city or town.

News About Residents

Newsletters don’t have to be all about the HOA or business; if your residents have significant accomplishments, talk about them and shout them out! It’s a great way to show you’re involved in their lives and that you care about them. 

Changes To The Community

Whether it’s new rules in the community or changes to maintenance, including them in your newsletters is a great way to inform residents of upcoming changes. Because changes are so important for residents to know, make it a point to put them at the top of the newsletter and ensure they’re seen so residents don’t miss them while reading.

FAQ Section

If residents have questions that they would like answered, it might be a good idea to include them in your newsletter for all residents to see. Many residents might have the same questions, and by including them in the newsletter, everyone can receive the same answers.

HOA newsletters are crucial to your community’s overall sense of belonging, connection, and involvement. If you have any questions about HOA newsletters, give us a call at 512-676-5842 — we’d be happy to talk to you about who we are, the services we offer, and our process.