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Tips For Getting Your Home Showing-Ready During The Holiday Season

Preparing your home for showings can be difficult, but if you throw in trying to prepare it for showings during the holidays, it can reach a whole new level of difficulty. Between trying to clean up for house guests, making sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean, and finding creative places to keep your Christmas gifts so they’re not all over the place, it can be a lot.

Let’s look at a few tips on how to impress potential clients and get your home showing-ready during the holidays.

Brighten Up The Curb Appeal

During this time of year, it tends to get darker faster at night when many buyers look at homes. Use this as an opportunity to brighten up your curb appeal with simple string lights, festive garlands, or a welcoming holiday display on your front porch. Not only will the decorations make buyers feel warm and cozy inside, but it will also make them excited to see more inside and set your home off on the right foot.

Put Up Some Holiday Decor

Many sellers often skip putting up their holiday decorations while their home is on the market, either because it’s too much work or because they don’t see a point if they’ll be moving. However, buyers want to imagine what it would be like to live in your home during the holidays, so putting up your decorations will help! If you don’t want to go all out with your decor, we understand (it can definitely be a lot!), but putting up a few things here and there will make a difference and set the mood for potential buyers.

Prepare For Cold Weather

Nothing will make a worse first impression than a potential buyer slipping on ice in the driveway before they even make it inside. So be sure to clear driveways and sidewalks to avoid any potential falls or accidents. Keep your home clean of wet shoes by leaving a mat at the door for them to remove their shoes or having disposable booties for them to put over their shoes upon entering. If you want to make a great first impression, have some hot cocoa or coffee for buyers to enjoy while they tour your home! 
While having your home listed during the holidays can be less than ideal, it doesn’t have to be hard to prepare it for showings! If you’re looking for more tips to get your home showing-ready or have questions about when the right time is to list, please contact us! We would love to review your options and see how we can help you!