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Association Management

An Investment in Your Community

Prism Realty Management was formed based on these guiding principles: make it professional, make the offering simple, and build long-term client relationships. Choosing a management company is an important investment. You trust your management company to keep the best interest of your community in mind, to conscientiously manage your association’s finances and provide a consistent experience in management and enforcement.

One size does not fit all: Yes, some associations need teams with large staffs and in-house resources, while others just need financial oversight, compliance management, and an innovative partner. This is what Prism Realty Management brings to the table. Why pay for another company’s resources? Pick a partner where you know the owners and the team responsible for managing your association.

Prism Realty Management is changing the industry through three unique ideas:

1. Flat Rate Pricing – No hidden costs or surprises throughout the contract period.
2. Cloud-Based Approach – Providing boards and owners with insight anytime.3. Resources – Bring forth a partner network to provide owners with an array of solutions.

The feedback is consistent – “What are we paying for and what would be the added costs?” The answer is simple. You pay one monthly rate, and we take care of the rest.

For additional insight or to learn how Prism Realty Management can support your association request a free no obligation quote by contacting us at (512) 676-5842 or Info@PrismRP.com.