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Just 20 minutes outside of Austin is a quaint town that holds onto its deep-rooted history in Texas. The charming area is safe and has a laid-back atmosphere that appeals to residents and visitors alike. If you have to make the commute into Austin for work every day, you’ll love getting to come home to kick your feet up in this cozy community.

Downtown Buda has something for everyone. From shops that center around antiques and home decor to restaurants that feature local food and treat options. There are some great entertainment spots, and Buda hosts some of the best special events in Texas, including a wiener dog race! Residents and tourists come into town just to chuckle at the dogs putting their short legs to good use and competing to win the race!


Buda is in the heart of the Hill Country and has been named the “Outdoor Capital of Texas.” With 13 parks offering some of the best views in Texas and taking up 268 acres of public land, it’s easy to see why they were given this moniker. Getting outside and enjoying the warm weather is a part of the town’s culture, and the parks also feature ADA accessible trails, so everyone in the family can get in on the fun!

The Scenic City Certification Program recently gave Buda a gold certification, making them one of only 16 Texas cities to receive this high honor. The community was put on the certification team’s radar when they noticed that the strict dark sky regulations, ample parkland, and parking lot landscaping made Buda a wonderful place to live or visit.


If you’re always looking for unique finds and love to shop local, you’re going to want to visit Buda. The town has a passion for small businesses and does everything they can to set mom-and-pop shops up for success. Preserving the small-town feel and charm of the community stems from their ability to keep small businesses alive.

Buda is home to friendly faces, fun events, and open to growth opportunities. If you’re curious about the community, looking to move outside of Austin, or thinking of opening your own business, we’d be happy to chat with you about Buda! Contact Prism Realty today, and let’s see if Buda could be the next place that you and your family call home.