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Anne Weatherby | REALTOR®

Anne brings passion and excitement to every task she’s given. Having joined Prism’s team as the Community Operations Specialist, her experience gives her an edge as a licensed REALTOR®. She gained an insider’s look into what real estate entails and now understands the importance of competent property management and real estate practices. She has built her knowledge of the communities and can juggle everything she’s given. Anne is a forward thinker and goal-oriented, making her an integral part of Prism’s real estate team.

Her free time is spent shopping and traveling or catching up with family and friends while sipping espresso. She’s an advocate for children in the foster care system and has cared for over 85 children. Her four girls are between the ages of 20 and 34, and her chosen children and grandchildren are her pride and joy.

Anne’s integrity and kindness make her a great addition to the team, and her deep understanding of families and real estate make her a great champion for buyers and sellers. 

Email: anne@prismrp.com Phone: 512.676.5842