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The Process

Contract: We are well-known for our contract approach. Our contract is fair, written for the benefit of both parties and engages each client for the long term. Once the Board agrees to sign the contract, we begin the set-up process and prepare to transfer management in less than 30 days.

Transition: Prism Realty Management makes the transition simple. Put our team in contact with the individual responsible for controlling records, and we take it from there. We have streamlined the process with a document to ensure all records are properly transitioned and migrated to our system. Once all files are in our system, we report to the Board that operations with Prism Realty Management are set and ready for operation.

Go Live: For the first month, Prism Realty Management integrates existing payment methods to avoid confusion with owners and vendors. Then, in a graceful approach, we start the process of producing “Welcome Packages” and communicate to notify owners and vendors of new payment methods, addresses and more. To help ensure a smooth transition, we run systems parallel for 30 days to ensure no issues with new management.