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HOA Annual Meeting Checklist

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The HOA annual meeting is one of the most important events for your community as it’s packed with agenda items that need to be covered and is also usually one of the most attended meetings. To keep everything running smoothly, it’s important to be ready to cover the past, present, and future initiatives. This HOA annual meeting checklist will have you ready to lead a successful meeting.

Be Prepared

The annual meeting isn’t a meeting you should wing. You’ll need to be prepared for everything you’ll need to cover. Look back at what was covered in the previous year’s meeting to get an idea of where to start and look through the governing documents to see if there’s anything that has to be taken care of.

Create an Agenda

Once you’ve researched and prepared for the meeting, you’ll need to create an agenda. Create a rough script if it will help you, but the basics of what the meeting should cover include:

  • Bringing the meeting to order
  • Giving an overview of prior meeting’s minutes
  • Reviewing the milestones and achievements by the board and community
  • Reports from the board of directors and committee members
  • Talk through any upcoming projects and annual budget
  • Nominate new board members
  • Vote, tally the votes, and announce their outcome
  • Questions and answers

Know When and Where the Meeting Will Take Place

If you’d like a good turnout at the annual meeting, you’ll need to pick a good time and day as well as a good location to host the meeting. The date and time should encourage attendance, like being held after work hours and later in the week. The location needs to comfortably fit everyone attending and should be close to home or be an incentive to attend, like being at a coffee shop or restaurant. Make sure the venue also has everything you’ll need for the event — wifi, tables, chairs, privacy, etc.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is the greatest marketing tool, but not the only marketing tool at your disposal. Begin sharing the news of the annual meeting weeks, if not months, in advance. It will increase your chances of having a good turnout. Reach out through emails, mailers, flyers in public areas, social media posts, and your community website.

The annual meeting is important to the success of your HOA. Completing the tasks on this HOA annual meeting checklist will help you get prepared, but if your HOA is still in need of help, contact Prism Realty Management. Give us a call at 512-676-5842 — we’d be happy to talk to you about who we are, the services we offer, and our process.